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Welcome to the Redline Triathlon Club of
East Central Wisconsin!

Redline Tri team photoWe are a non-profit, USA Triathlon registered club, with an eclectic mix of age group triathletes with varying ability levels and experience from newbies to 20-time Ironman finishers. We share a common interest in having fun, meeting new people, and living a healthy lifestyle by participating in the sport of triathlon. We encourage everyone to come and have fun with us and enjoy the benefits our club has to offer.

One thing about this sport -- anyone can become a triathlete. You do not have to be running, biking, and swimming every single day to do a triathlon. Your own agenda will get you to the finish line – and the journey is half the fun! No matter if your interest is swimming, biking, running or if it is the variety of all three, we can offer you the opportunity to just "Tri" it. If you do not own a tri bike..."so what!" – most of us started on a road or mountain bike before getting a tri-specific bike. We are here to support in all disciplines of the sport.

Redline Triathlon Club services all athletes in the East Central Wisconsin area including Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Southern Winnebago, Southern Calumet, Ozaukee, Washington, and Dodge counties. If you are interested in joining or training with the Redline Triathlon club, please contact info@redlinetriclub.org.


I tri therefore I am

It's nothing really-just a crazy lifestyle. Some call it an addiction. But I like to think of it as a very close relationship with adrenalin. I wake up each morning excited about my workouts for the day.

I plan each week around my swimming, biking, and running. Work is just a detail that gets in the way. A means to an end Triathlon is infectious...so stand clear if you don't want to catch it. -- unknown

Commitment – Dedication – Effort – Results.


Triathlon History

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

A triathlon is an athletic event made up of three contests (from the Greek). In contemporary usage, the name triathlon is mostly applied to a combination of swimming, cycling, and running,in that order . . .

To find out more on the history of Triathlons, please visit Wikipedia Triathlon History.